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The story is set in the recent present and it quickly becomes apparent that the story-teller Paul is subject to many of the same insecurities and confusions prevalent in society generally. He attends the funeral of his estranged mother where he meets one of her ex-colleagues – an interesting older man: James. It is whilst staying in James’s cottage in the far reaches of a Yorkshire moor that Paul meets and becomes associated with the small community who live together around the cottage in an isolated location called the Mount. Ostensibly there to complete his latest book (based on the life and works of Sir Walter Scott), Paul is soon distracted from his task becoming intrigued by the nearby characters and their uncommon beliefs and behaviour.Read More

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About the Author

Michael Cumiskey was raised in the north of England. His grandparents on both side were immigrant families one side from Ireland and the other from Italy/Sicily. The creative life he enjoys besides his writing includes the visual arts and this is the area in which he was trained. He has taught and lectured extensively throughout the UK and his sculpture and drawings are represented in a variety of collections in Germany, France, England, the USA and Canada, including the national collection of Trinidad and Tobago.

He was the first sculptor in the UK to be employed on staff with a new town development corporation where a number of his public works are still to be seen. In 1974 he was awarded the Ronald Tree Fellowship in sculpture to the University of the West Indies. He began writing whilst he was in the West Indies and since then has completed eight novels as well as large variety of the other works including poetry some of which has also been published. Currently he lives and works in Devon with his wife Sue their three children are now grown and have long-since left home.

REVIEWED BY: Joe Kilgore

“Surveying the scene the single row of cottages looked idyllic – a typical country vista: a perverse distortion of the fact.”

Enthralling is surely a term that should be used judiciously when speaking about a book, yet it seems the perfect word to describe this tale of historical, social, religious, and philosophical self-examination that is at the center of this beguiling novel. First, there is the way it is written. It is recounted in the voice of the protagonist’s Brit named Paul. The English language, written as if spoken by an Englishman, is often quite different than the same language written as if spoken by an American. This narrative is definitely the former. If one has a difficult time with that, it may prove slow going initially. On the other hand, if one enjoys the lilt and beauty of the mother tongue, it’s a treat indeed. Imagine a story being recounted by the likes of a sardonic John Cleese or a whimsical Eric Idle. Humor is the aphrodisiac the author uses to lure readers into this tale. Irony and wit increase as the pages multiply, though sometimes, without warning, the tome becomes less Monty Python and more of a Ken Russell fever dream. Frequent sex and occasional violence are intricately woven into the fabric of this most British mosaic, which makes excellent use of the writer’s extensive vocabulary.Read More

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